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The Linnaeus Centre for Marine Evolutionary Biology

The Linnaeus Centre for Marine Evolutionary Biology, CeMEB, brings together a broad expertise in biology. We focus on evolutionary processes and mechanisms in marine species and populations. A main goal is to increase our understanding of how marine organisms adapt to new environmental conditions, for example changing sea water pH, temperature and salinity.

We started in July 2008, when we were selected for a ten year Linnaeus grant awarded by the Swedish Research Councils.

CeMEB in Progress – Highlights in midterm from the Linnaeus Centre for Marine Evolutionary Biology, CeMEB.

This is a publication, aimed for a nonspecialist audience, presents research and results and gives an introduction to the CeMEB world. (2013) 26 pp

CeMEB in Progress



10 February
Global Challenges seminar: Future Oceans, 15.00 - 16.30
Kerstin Johannesson
Location: Torgny Segerstedt Room, University main buildning, Vasaparken

15 March
Steering committee meeting, Gothenburg

20-25 April
Mini project on Littorina physiology, Kristineberg

26-28 April
15th CeMEB Assembly, Tjärnö

13 June
Steering committee meeting, Tjärnö


Research for the future!

"Our research delivers urgently needed understanding of how marine organisms adapt to environmental changes over spatial and temporal scales relevant to current processes of global change."

Kerstin Johannesson, Director for the Linnaeus Centre for Marine Evolutionary Biology.



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Genetic resources


The IMAGO Marine Genome projects



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