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Evolution in Sweden 2020


Tuesday, 14th of January

17:00 Bus from outside the Post Hotel (arrival ca. 19:30)

19:00 - 22:00 Buffet / Mingle in restaurant

Wednesday, 15th of January

08:00 Breakfast

08:45 Welcome, big lecture hall

09:00 Keynote: Stephen Palumbi

The potential for rapid evolution to increase ecosystem resilience to climate change: A call to action

Moderator: Pierre De Wit

10:00 Fika, group photo

Session: Interplay between plasticity and adaptation

Moderator: Ellika Faust

10:45 Miguel Brun-Usan - Is phenotypic plasticity the leader of adaptive evolution?

11:00 Ciaran Gilchrist - 1000 Generations of Adaptation to Stressful Environments - Experimental Evolution and Hybridisation with Baker’s Yeast.

11:15 Nathalie Feiner - Parallelism and plasticity in the adaptive radiation of anolis lizards.

11:30 Eva Koch - Restoring ancestral phenotypes by reduction of plasticity: a general pattern in gene expression during adaptation to new environments in Tribolium castaneum.

Session: Structural genomic variation and reproductive isolation

11:45 Jörgen Ripa - The succession of ecological divergence and reproductive isolation in adaptive radiations.

12:00 Anna Qvarnström - Divergent mitochondrial and nuclear OXPHOS genes are candidates for genetic incompatibilities in Ficedula Flycatchers.

12:15 Lunch

Session: Structural genomic variation and reproductive isolation, continued

Moderator: James Reeve

13:45 Rebekah Oomen - The evolutionary significance of structural genomic variation.

14:00 Emma Berdan - Dynamic variants: the evolution of chromosomal inversions.

14:15 Colin Olito - The evolution of chromosomal inversions suppressing recombination between sex chromosomes.

14:30 Roger Butlin - Strong reproductive isolation in Littorina.

14:45 Jessica Abbott - Insights into sexual antagonism via female-limited X chromosome evolution.

15:00 Elina Immonen - Evolving sexual size differences in the seed beetle.

15:15 Fika

Session: The genomic basis of traits

Moderator: Leon Green

16:00 Anja Marie Westram - What can replicate hybrid zones in a marine snail tell us about adaptive divergence and speciation?

16:15 Staffan Bensch - Unfolding the elusive migratory direction genes in the willow warbler genome.

16:30 Sören Nylin - Phylogenetically conserved modules of gene expression help explain host plant memory in butterflies.

16:45 James Reeve - Identifying the genetic basis of convergent evolution between two species of fishes.

17:00 Poster session

Abstracts - posters19:00 Conference Dinner followed by pub

Thursday, 16th of January

08:00 Breakfast

09:00 Keynote: Victoria Sork

Evidence of Adaptation and Maladaptation in a California oak species, Quercus lobata

Moderator: Kerstin Johannesson

10:00 Fika

Session: Trade-offs in local adaptation

Moderator: Martin Eriksson

10:45 Mads Fristrup Schou - Genetic trade-offs in reproductive plasticity to hot and cold periods govern responses to temperature fluctuations.

11:00 Matthew Nielsen - Misinformation in a New Climate: Evolution of seasonal polyphenism under climate change.

11:15 Martin Lind - Are life-history trade-offs really based on energy allocation?

11:30 Mats Ittonen - Local adaptation to seasonal cues in a range-expanding butterfly.

11:45 Paula Vasconcelos - The effects of complex life-cycles on evolutionary diversification.

12:00 Raissa de Boer - Inbreeding avoidance in animals :a meta-analysis.

12:15 Lunch

Session: Population genetics and phylogeny

Moderator: Ellika Faust

13:45 Sissel Jentoft - Genomic divergence in ecotypes of Atlantic cod: impact of structural variants, degree of gene flow and local adaptation.

14:00 Alan Le Moan - Beyond parallel evolution: the importance of population history and standing genetic variation in local adaptation.

14:15 Marlene Jahnke - Seascape and gene-scape of eelgrass.

14:30 Aurélien De Jode - Ecological differentiation between cryptic engineering species of coralligenous habitats: the Lithophyllum stictiforme/cabiochiae species complex.

14:45 Ellika Faust - Cleaner fish on the run: genetic implications of catching and transporting millions of wild fish for aquaculture

15:00 Robin Pranter - The evolutionary developmental biology of a female polymorphism in anolis lizards.

15:15 Concluding remarks, Marina Panova

15:30 Fika

16:00 Bus to Gothenburg (arrival ca. 18:30)

Programme & Abstracts


Evolution in Sweden 2020 Abstracts-talks


Evolution in Sweden Abstract-Posters

Poster holders are 890 mm (wide) x 1180 mm (high)

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